You are worth it

Hi BIO FIT team, This week I wanted to challenge you all with a task. Not a crazy task but a fulfilling task. We are all on a mission to better our health and minds. This week, I want you to try to read at least 1 chapter in a book you’ve been trying to […]

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New YOU resolution!

“I can’t wait for the new year so I can start my diet!”…“January 1st I’m going to start working out!”…“These holidays can’t end soon enough so I can stop eating all this junk!” We’ve all heard it – many of us have even said it. Statistically speaking, only 8% of people who make resolutions for

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Top 15 Benefits of Chlorphyll –

Top 15 Benefits of Chlorophyll (according to published reports)      Enhance Overall Well-Being      Oxygenates Our Body      Helps Boost Energy Levels      Blood-Building Properties      Super Potent Antioxidant & Nutrient-Rich      Increases Cellular Energy Production      Protects Your Liver Naturally & Improves Liver Detoxification      Promotes Cleansing & Detox      Boosts Your Immune System

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Vegetables– steamed or raw?

Vegetables. These can be hard for some people. Maybe it’s the taste or maybe it’s a sensitive stomach or texture. I get asked all the time how the healthiest way to eat them is: raw, cooked, broiled? So here it is. Raw veggies usually contain more nutrients but that doesn’t mean that it’s better for

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Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping

There are many benefits when it comes to preparing your food. Not only does it save you time, money, and stress, but it can also aid in eliminating unhealthy eating habits during the week. Most of us live very busy lives where eating out is convenient and almost necessary with a packed schedule. Preparing your

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Food: the good and the bad

The Food and the Bad!

It’s important to know that food is fuel for your body. It’s something we all take advantage of at times. It’s the only source of energy. We need to eat to build muscle, gain strength, build bone density, and have energy. Just think of those times when you didn’t eat much in the day. You

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