New YOU resolution!

“I can’t wait for the new year so I can start my diet!”…“January 1st I’m going to start working out!”…“These holidays can’t end soon enough so I can stop eating all this junk!” We’ve all heard it – many of us have even said it. Statistically speaking, only 8% of people who make resolutions for the new year stick to them. But this year, it’s going to be different – and here’s why:

It’s going to start with reprogramming of our minds. We’re going to call this a “New YOU resolution”. If we’re being honest, when we set our progress by a calendar, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. This is a sprinter’s mentality. We need a marathon mentality. This isn’t our goal for a period of time – this is our life’s goal. We should want to be healthy – always. We don’t just want to look good by spring break – we want to “look good” always. This is a lifestyle change. Not a due date. If we expect that we will go full force until we “screw up”, then we have given ourselves an excuse to give up. “Well, I tried. I made it all the way to January 23rd.” We wallow in our guilt and we call it quits. But we’re not shooting to “start the year off right”, we’re aiming to change our lives for the better.
The holidays can be a difficult storm to navigate. There’s trouble at every turn. Every time we turn around there’s something to celebrate – and celebration means drinks….and sweets….and sleeping in…. but the time to start isn’t marked on a calendar. The time to start is TODAY. If our target date is anything but today, we allow ourselves to continue to form bad habits – and those are always harder to break. The sooner we start breaking those habits, the more successful we’ll be.
So let’s start TODAY. Let’s help ourselves pave the way to success. Allow our minds to be clear of failure and reset our way of thinking. We’re in the market to transform our whole lives – not just a year. So let’s get those new YOU resolutions going!