“I enjoy working with Chrissy because she is high energy and always switches up my workouts to avoid plateaus. We even do Skype sessions when I’m traveling!”
Emmy Rossum
“If you want a friendly face but a good butt-kicking, call Chrissy. What could be better? Burn calories with a smile. Also have Abs for dayyyys.”
Kunal Nayyar
“I love working with Chrissy because she has whipped my body into shape. I get bored very easily when I work out and she always switches things up to keep it fresh. I’ll be honest, I also can be super lazy about working out which she doesn’t let me get away with, but somehow she does it in a lovely way. Plus, she’s just a really cool lady.”
Andrea Savage
"Chrissy is an incredible trainer. As a twin mom with a hip injury, I struggled to get the baby weight off in regular classes for years. I’m so thankful to have found Chrissy. Chrissy creates a personalized workout and eating plan tailored around any specific goals and injuries. Her workouts are always fun, high energy and just make me feel really good. I’ve never found a workout that I like as much as going to the studio and my body has completely changed. Chrissy is the most positive and knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever worked with and I would recommend her plan to anyone looking for an amazing workout! LOVE HER!"
Alexis Page
I received a health scare from my doctor about two years ago regarding a spike in my blood pressure. This was primarily due to on the job stress and lack of consistent exercise. One of my dearest friends connected me with Chrissy to start a plan to get me back to optimal health. I cannot thank Chrissy enough for changing my life, literally. I hate working out and Chrissy knows this. However, she makes each session fun and different. She challenges me mentally to be the best version of myself not only through her workout sessions, but through her words of encouragement throughout the week. Chrissy’s capacity to care about the people she trains is evident through her consistent and tenacious actions. Because she gently holds me accountable, I feel compelled to do better. As a result of my collaboration with Chrissy, not only has my blood pressure gone down, but I’ve lost 15 pounds. I feel and look great!!
Lynette Runnells
I have been with Chrissy for 5 years and have enjoyed working with her every minute. Her work ethic, passion and dedication to the work really shows as I have seen my body get stronger and leaner. Come experience for yourself.
Mo Cornwell
Chrissy is not only a phenomenal trainer who will help you achieve your fitness goals, but a kind hearted, giving person who you can trust. No matter how I’m feeling when I go into a session, I always know that I’ll come out feeling better both physically and mentally. And to top it off- the workouts are fun and I look forward to them!
Sarah Jeffery
"Chrissy is one of the most talented trainers I've worked with. She helped me lean out and tone up while realigning my posture. She has extensive knowledge on the human body and how to target specific muscle groups to help strengthen and align the body. She makes working out fun and painless with music, laughter, and dance. If you are looking to completely change your body then I highly recommend working with Chrissy. It's hard work, but if you put in the effort the rewards are incredible."
Vanessa Fitzgerald
Holistic Health Coach
"I love working out with Chrissy. She has the best energy. She is so positive and motivates me. I feel stronger and after every session and feel more muscles. I feel healthier and like I’m getting into better shape with her training me. She has helped heal my knee and back issues. I feel so grateful I found such an inspiring and amazing fitness guru."
Nola Singer
Stylist To The Stars