Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping

There are many benefits when it comes to preparing your food. Not only does it save you time, money, and stress, but it can also aid in eliminating unhealthy eating habits during the week. Most of us live very busy lives where eating out is convenient and almost necessary with a packed schedule. Preparing your meals can help to give you a healthy option during your crazy workweek while still maintaining convenience.

I like to meal prep on my day off. By using my free day to prep my meals, this allows me to plan my meals, go to the store, and cook the food all in one day, making it easy and also efficient.

When creating my meal plans I usually like to add a little bit of variety, as eating the same meal five days in a row can become boring and will most likely result in eating out even with a prepared meal at hand.

A good meal plan incorporates, protein, vegetables, healthy carbs as well as fats to create a balanced meal that will keep you full while giving you energy. It is important to be aware of calorically dense foods while meal preparing in order to decrease the opportunity for undesired weight gain or excessive fatigue.

Preparing your meals for the week is the easiest way to prioritize your health and wellness, taking your fitness journey to the next level. By preparing meals, you are choosing to embody the aspects of your ideal diet. Just remember that planning healthy meals is the most important part of this process and should be combined with proper exercise, water intake, and sleep to optimize its benefits.

If you’ve never meal prepped before, and this has you feeling anxious, don’t worry; we have some helpful tips for beginners.

  • Start by incorporating meals only a few days a week to combat the overwhelming feeling that beginners often experience. This will allow you to build the skill set necessary to fully implement meal prepping five days a week.
  • When planning meals, not only consider the food options but the environment in which you will be consuming these meals. There’s nothing worse than cold chicken because you don’t have a microwave.
  • Do your research; know what works best for your body, metabolism, and lifestyle.

Chrissy Lundgren
IG @biofitbody_training