Chrissy lundgren

Chrissy Lundgren started Bio Fit Body to pull people up using a full mind and body approach to wellness.

A fully invested personal trainer, Chrissy takes time to get to know her clients’ goals and roadblocks. Most importantly, she wants her clients to know they are supported in a safe and nurturing environment, where they are free to be their true selves.

Chrissy views wellness from a 360-degree view, thanks to her dance training. A lifelong dancer, Chrissy understands how the body moves and its direct connection to the mind. That connection is what drove Chrissy to build the Bio Fit Body community. More than a workout, Bio Fit Body members have access to live-streaming workouts, a workout video library, meal plans and direct access to Chrissy for motivation and support. It’s not just fitness. Bio Fit Body is a mind, body and overall growth experience.

Chrissy’s signature high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are cardio-based with a mix of weight training, TRX, body weight and core work. HIIT is a fast-paced workout that alternates between high-intensity work and recovery periods.The HIIT method is incorporated in many fitness programs for its ability to burn 25 percent more calories than other exercises. For those looking to burn fat and sculpt muscle, HIIT is it.

Chrissy works with multiple clients who are looking to better their overall wellness, including Golden Globe-nominated actress Emmy Rossum. Additionally, Chrissy was a guest trainer with Derek and Julianna Hough’s MoverInterActive event. In addition to her personal training, Chrissy is also certified CPT in pregnancies, nutrition and back and hip rehabilitation, and has a deep understanding of how the human body functions.

Chrissy Lundgren


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I enjoy working with Chrissy because she is high energy and always switches up my workouts to avoid plateaus. We even do skype sessions when I’m traveling!

Emmy Rossum
Emma Rossum


If you want a friendly face but a good butt-kicking, call Chrissy. What could be better? Burn calories with a smile. Also have Abs for dayyyys.

Kunal Nayyar
Kunal Nayyar


I love working with Chrissy because she has whipped my body into shape. I get bored very easily when I work out and she always switches things up to keep it fresh. I’ll be honest, I also can be super lazy about working out which she doesn’t let me get away with, but somehow she does it in a lovely way. Plus, she’s just a really cool lady.

Andrea Savage
Andrea Savage



Get a personalized wellness experience from someone invested in your growth! Chrissy works with Bio Fit Body members to help them understand the best wellness plan for their body type. 


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