Reset your Mind, Health, and Fitness Lifestyle Challenge

Welcome to BIOFITBODY!

This program is where you will not only change your body’s appearance; you’ll also improve your mindset, nutritional goals, and your lifestyle.

We all care about “looking good,” but I want you to focus on:


So as we continue, yes, we will be taking in weight and measurements, but I want you to focus on roadblocks in your life and the sustainability for long term health.

I’m hoping that because you want to become healthy today, you’ll listen to a few options regarding food and nutrition. I DON’T want anyone to be on a “DIET.” I want you to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. You might have to learn the good and the bad of what you consume and fuel your body with daily.

As far as starting an exercise program, you should always listen to your body and of course, a Dr. if that should apply. You know your body the best, and nothing should be so painful performing a move. Protect your bones and muscles during your sessions. Challenge them, push yourself and expect, soreness, some inflammation, more energy, and less fatigue and brain fog.

If you can email me back the answers to these questions:

1. What are your goals?
2. What are your roadblocks when it comes to nutrition and fitness?
3. Any injuries, past or present that cause you pain?
4. What is your nutritional health as of today?
5. What is your fitness level as of today?
6. Any health issues I should know about that would cause problems for exercise?
7. Do you have a support system at home?

I can’t wait to start with you all; remember this is a jump start to your future. Happy, healthy, and at an optimal bodies!

Xoxo Chrissy