Food: the good and the bad

Meal Planning Tips

Bio Fit Body Meal Planning Tips:

  1. Choose a prep day and stick with that day each week
  2. Plan for a week in advance – all meals, snacks, and on the go bites.
  3. Make your meal ingredients interchangeable with each day. That way you can cook in bulk and freeze if you need for later in the week.
  4. If you have no discipline with “junk” food, don’t buy it. If it’s in your house, you will reach for it.
  5. Make sure all your ingredients are real ingredients. No artificial anything.
  6. Grab reusable containers that you can store your food in for the week and also portions out your food for you while meal prepping. No last min guessing.
  7. Always make sure to have a – protein, carb (veggies), healthy fat in each meal.
  8. When you eat sugar, make sure you are including a healthy fat with your sugar each time. This will balance your glucose and blood sugar levels.
  9. Make a grocery budget. Because food is costly, make sure you budget into your weekly budget.
  10. Make sure you are making new meals each week. Try to favors and add plenty of different spices to your meals. This will keep you from becoming bored with your meals and you’ll be less likely to stay on track.

If you need any help with nutrition, I’m an email away. Just reach out at any time.


xoxo Chrissy