About Chrissy

Chrissy Lundgren is a celebrity/personal trainer currently residing in Los Angeles. She grew up
in Michigan and was a dancer all of her life, which naturally gave her a passion for the body
through fitness, mindset and overall health. Chrissy is certified CPT, Back & Hip rehabilitation,
Pregnancies, and Nutrition.

Chrissy has become a tour de force in the LA fitness world. She was a guest trainer for the
popular MoveInterActive with Derek and Julianna Hough. Chrissy has also been pictured in US Weekly training one of her clients, Emmy Rossum. Her high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is cardio based with a mix of weight training, TRX, body weight and core work.

She loves getting to know her clients goals and roadblocks. This is all very important to actually obtaining your optimal health. She has worked with so many amazing clients at varies different gyms and studios. But Chrissy felt like she had more to offer her clients than she could give, so Chrissy was inspired to start her own program, Burn It Off By Chrissy, This way she could focus more on clients individual needs and help them reach their fitness goals.

You can find Chrissy both in her Hollywood studio teaching privates and semi privates and well as private in home sessions, FaceTime sessions or her online program — relaunching – October 2nd, 2019, that you can do at your convenience in your own home.

Get ready to Burn It Off!