The importance of salt to your overall health

A huge health tip for this week and going forward.

We are all so different. Our health, the way we train, how our bodies heal, how we recover and absorb nutrients.

We will get more into this personally but I guarantee each one of you could really use this one thing in the morning starting now.

Icelandic Flake Salt – You don’t need much per day but if you made a batch 1/3 Icelandic Flake Salt and 2/3 water. Let it set and dissolve over 48 hours and then add 1 tbsp of this salt mix into 1 gallon of water. Drink 8oz of this mix in the morning. The first thing you drink or eat. This is allow your body to absorb hydration in a cellular way and also allow your body to replenish missing minerals in your body cause from stress, lack of nutrient dense foods, air pollution…etc.

Stress is the leading cause that will eliminate your minerals in your body. We all experience stress. Whether its daily or life changing. Stress Which cause your body to not absorb necessary nutrients in food or water and also wreak havoc on your body internal system.

Crucial Four MSalt is a great brand but its always sold out. The Meadow is another AMAZING Brand.

Check it out for yourself and your family!

xoxo Chrissy